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  • Hairplus Difference

    Designed in the light of innovative technologies, Hairplus is a hair prosthesis production and application technique that uses %100 real hair in all implementations and preserves all features associated with the natural structure of the hair.

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  • Only in Hairplus

    % 100 customer satisfaction with BleachPlus, SelfPlus, Step by Step, and InsurPlus . We offer solutions that respond to all your needs with different and innovative products, we make you live a high quality product experience.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    You can get the answers to all your questions about Hairplus hir prosthesis here. You will no longer have any unanswered question about your hair loss problem.

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Hairplus is cooler than your own hair!

With Hairplus that allows you to choose a suitable hair style to your face, that has a silky natural swing and that is freely combed every way, you will have the coolest hair in the world.

Hairplus Facts

  1. The breathable structure of Hairplus, integrated with the skin, is invisible on the surface of the scalp. Therefore, it will not be felt by its host and not be noticed by others as a hair prosthesis.
  2. The behaviour of Hairplus on the scalp and its live hair compatible swing, is indistinguishable from the natural behaviour of existing hair.
  3. Even though many of its features that create difference are ignored when comparing with other hair prostheses, Hairplus shines out with its natural look that is indistinguishable from the living hair.
  4. The highly porous structure of Hairplus, consisting of cavities, provides its host a hair experience of an extraordinary reality.
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