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Hairplus – Choice of the celebrities

It is not easy to be famous. You should be well-groomed not only when bringing in your talents that make you famous on stage, on screen, but also in your private life. All eyes on you! You must protect your hard-earned image with caution, you need to be confident not only about your behaviors, but also your looks, 24/7.

For those who don’t know this game, it may sound like a joke but this is how it works. If you are famous, your greatest treasure is your fans. Not only in Turkey, overseas celebrities use the highest quality products in their clothing and personal care, out of respect to their fans. They entrust their image to brands they trust the most. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that Hairplus hair prosthesis is the first choice of the celebrities who experience hair loss.

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Hairplus Hair Prosthesis Difference

Hairplus Hair Prosthesis which is produced of 100% real hair according to your dream model; can be scanned in any direction, oscillates naturally. Hygienic, airy, breathing. The forehead line and the roots are natural, they are not apparent. It provides the hair density that no method can offer. The water and air permeable structure of Hairplus makes it possible for the scalp to breathe and cleanse the skin as it is accustomed.

With Hairplus you can set your hair as you like, jelly your hair, sweat in workouts, practice or performances, shower every day, swim, dive, practice your day to day activities and much more.

Get rid of hairlessness with Hairplus hair prosthesis and you have one thing in common with the celebrity that you are a fan of.

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Selfplus – Self Care

Selfplus is the unrivaled ease of use offered by Hairplus to its customers. With Selfplus, periodical maintenance of the prosthetic hair requires neither the experience of hair expertise nor the knowledge of hairdressing. Thanks to the free package training we have provided, you can easily take care of your hair at home instead of having it maintained at Hairplus centers.

Selfplus – Kendi Kendine Bakım

Selfplus, Hairplus’ın müşterilerine sunduğu rakipsiz bir kullanım kolaylığıdır. Selfplus ile protez saçın periyodik bakımları için ne saç uzmanlığı deneyimine ne de kuaförlük bilgisine sahip olunması gerekmektedir. Verdiğimiz ücretsiz paket eğitim sayesinde dilerseniz Hairplus merkezlerine bakım yaptırmak yerine siz de periyodik bakımınızı kolayca kendi evinizde yapabilirsiniz.

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