It can be combed in all directions and designed in any form desired.

They cannot be distinguished from the holder’s natural hair at the frontal and  temple line. With a special method, it is possible to design the prosthetic hair as if it was growing out of that person’s skin. There are only a few companies in Turkey, capable of performing this application.

Prosthetic hair needs to be adapted one to one to the holder’s own natural hair. Having a special haircut will increase this harmonisation even more.

The prosthetic hair, dripping wet during sporting activities, swing in harmony with real hair. This naturalness is possible by the correct design of the planting directions and the use of a non-standard knot method.

The feeling of lightness thanks to the high level of air and water permeability and the substructure being manufactured with minimum thinness and lightness. Versus thick and coarse prostheses, these high-end prostheses particularly please those who had previously used prostheses and don’t know about these new systems.

Other positive features of these prostheses include prolonged maintenance periods due to the thin and robust structure of the prosthesis and its psychological comfort along with financial advantages.

The prosthetic hair’s colour doesn’t lose its original tone from bath, sun and the sea and turn into red or another mismatched colour.

Due to the special knotting technique, the hair does not fall out for a long time and thus its lifetime is quite long compared to standard quality production.

Medium and long term price advantages.

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