It is extremely important that each of the following stages is carried out with great care and seriousness by expert and experienced hands in order to achieve the results that would make our customer satisfied and proud.

The accuracy of ‘dimensioning’, which constitutes the first step of the Hair Replacement process, plays an important role in the success of the next steps.

In dimensioning; a symmetrical hair design lamictal pattern of the region, experiencing the hair loss, is created. Regional hair densities are determined. Structural properties of the hair such as thickness, fineness, and wavelength are detected in detail. The transformation of the preliminary design into the final design is a 6-8 week process abroad.

The success of the process is closely related to the dimensioning and production stages. The hair prosthesis is then fixed to the head with a special solution to cover the pre-molded area.

In the final stage, hair replacement process is completed by making the haircut suitable for the facial structure. The realisation of this crucial stage by unconscious and unqualified people may lead to images that lack aesthetics and natural look. Completing the final stage with a professional haircut is essential for a comfortable and free use. Whether short or long, who wouldn’t want to have hair, combed easily in any direction and designed in various forms?

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