We always tell our customers what is right and accept the results even if it’s not in our favour. We believe that no long-term success story can be built on lies.

We keep our promises, we don’t make promises that we can’t keep. We act with the awareness that the negative impact of a single disappointed customer on our brand will be greater than the positive impact of our satisfied customers.

We feel not only responsible before the law, but also the code of ethics. For us, it is not enough for an action to be lawful only, every choice must also be moral. We try to be a modern organisation that maintains the traditional moral values of craftsmanship.

We never share any personal information, entrusted to us by our customers, in any medium without their permission.

The development studies to improve our product and service quality are the backbone of our business. Contract sales, Selfplus, Bleachplus, Step-by-Step are just some of the pioneering services and technologies developed by Hairplus.

Result oriented:
We do not allow small problems, unnecessary details to come between us and our pleasure we get from what we do. The culmination of this pleasure is the sparkle of joy in the eyes of our customers when they look in the mirror. That moment is also priceless for us.

Social responsibility:
Knowing that it is impossible to be happy in a society where the unhappy are in the majority, we spend a part of our labour in order to reduce social inequality in our own field. We endeavor to support those who lose their hair as a result of serious illnesses and who cannot have hair prosthesis.