A decision you will make to avoid hairlesness is a vital decision. The cost of making a wrong decision can cost you dear, you can waste time and money.

At this stage, it is important to choose the right company as well as the hair replacement method and product. You can find the advantages of hair prosthesis, comparisons between prosthetic hair and alternative hair replacement methods, and information about Hairplus’s product / service quality on the relevant pages of our website. On this page, we would like to briefly explain why you should choose Hairplus as a hair prosthesis company.

Firstly, Hairplus brand is  a product of 20 years of industry experience. This period, which makes Hairplus one of the most established brands in its field, means a great assurance for the hair prosthesis sector, where short-lived brands darting in and out are in the majority. Because you don’t expect a company, which doesn’t do its job well and doesn’t give 100% satisfaction to its customers, to survive 20 years in a highly competitive sector. In order not to regret later the decision you make, we suggest that you first investigate the continuity of the brand you choose. We are ready to facilitate this research for you and introduce you to our happy customers who said goodbye to hairlessness with Hairplus.

Let’s say you have met some of our customers who have obtained their dream hair and witnessed their positive experiences, is that enough? Not in our opinion! For a total peace of mind, you need to see for yourself how Hairplus hair prosthesis can recreate a person with its quality, naturalness, elegance and comfort of use.  To do so, you may visit one of our centers by making an appointment and watch the application on our customers who had decided to get their new hair with Hairplus. The ‘live hair prosthesis application program’, an indicator of our confidence in ourselves, is a Hairplus privilege we offer to our potential customers to ensure that they are certain they make the right decision.

Speaking of privilege, this also needs to be mentioned: Before you make your decision, you should look at the customer profile of your hair prosthesis company. A high-profile customer portfolio is perhaps the most important assurance a hair prosthesis brand can offer. Famous singers, actors on film, TV series and in theater, and celebrities who express their respect to their fans with their attentive and well-groomed appearance, would never work with a brand where they don’t find the quality they desire. It is no coincidence that Hairplus portfolio includes many public figures. Their presence in the Hairplus family guarantees the accuracy of your choice of hair prosthesis brand.