Dr. Serdar Çağlayan


Like everything else, hair has a natural life cycle. As the age progresses, it is normal for the hair to become weak, thin and shed. Nevertheless, hair loss doesn’t have the same intensity in all aging people. Some people lose their hair at an earlier age, while others may remain haired for the rest of their lives. Genetic factors play a role here. Genes and hormonal system play the leading role in hair loss being seen more frequently and at an early age in men compared to women.

Early hair loss may be due to treatable dermatological diseases. In some cases, hair loss can be caused by metabolic or psychological disorders that are not directly related to the hair or scalp. Intense stress, weakening of the immune system due to different factors may wear the hair prematurely. In such cases, it is possible to overcome the problem with medical treatment by a specialist doctor and life style changes. Medical science is helpless in the case of clinical pictures such as some types of alopecia and hereditary hair loss. In the same way, chemotherapy patients lose their hair during treatment and be demoralised over something else other than their illnesses.

Today, modern medicine acknowledges the effects of moral factors on human health. It is known that people with high morale and cheerfulness, strong social relations, and people who are at peace with themselves become infrequently ill and recover from illness more quickly. Therefore, in hair loss cases in which medicine is desperate, the fact that people feel old because of their appearance can make them susceptible to diseases and accelerate the aging process. To improve such situations, one of the options that physicians can safely recommend is hair prostheses. According to the feedback from my patients, hair prosthesis should be considered primarily.

The first reason for this; the hair prosthesis patients get satisfied and benefit from prosthesis if it is applied at the right center with quality and natural products, paying attention to hygienic rules. Because high quality hair prostheses do not cause new allergic problems with their breathing and water permeable structures while meeting all cosmetic and aesthetic expectations of the patients. In addition, quality hair prostheses make the user forget about them due to their light weight and prevent the user from experiencing uneasiness. In order to improve mental health and gain morale, the most important thing is to produce the hair prosthesis as natural and non-problematic as possible and to apply the prosthesis with the form, colour and cut in which the user will look the most natural.

My advice to my patients is that they prefer centers that have had these procedures for years and have excellent experience.

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