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Seven Questions for Breitling VP Jean-Paul GirardinsharetweetshareIn our November-December issue, available for sale now, Rüdiger Bucher, editor-in-chief of WatchTime's German sister magazine, Chronos, talks to Breitling Vice chairman Jean-Paul Girardin regarding a wide selection of topics, for example the continuing development of its in-house B01 chronograph caliber. Get more information at excerpts from your interview.WT: Breitling presented its first in-house movement in '09 - the caliber 01, a chronograph movement with automatic winding and column wheel. Just when was deciding meant to develop this caliber, what is actually particularly behind it?JPG: The concept had also been around for quit some time. You'll recall that in 1999 we had started all have in our movements certified by COSC as chronometers. Still i was asking ourselves what we should might need to do as an independent company to make sure our long-term success. It absolutely was clear that it would not be appropriate to generate everything ourselves, seeing as there are highly specialized, first-class suppliers for so many individual components. At duration our customers in markets like Germany, replica watches Switzerland and Japan were asking us more and more often why we - like a leader in mechanical chronographs - were not producing each of our movements. So, the idea has been around. The actual opportunity finally came into being in 2002 with ETA's announcement it can be gradually phasing out your supply of ebauches.ETA wanted to supply only complete movements rather then ebauches while at the same time reduce, or at best limit, the quantities it delivered. And that is certainly indeed so what happened.The first announcement made the problem more complicated for individuals but wasn't a vital problem. But we had to react with regard to your decrease in numbers, because it was clear that in the future we would not be in the position to order larger quantities of parts. Also, at some point we would have liked so that you can offer our customers replica watches with new, additional functions. Current debts establish our own in-house manufacture, along with a new department for development and research, began with an industrial strategy. This hadn't result of a marketing viewpoint. We were not worried about issuing a restricted series with our own movements simply so that any of us can say, "now we're a manufacture."WT: Offering were a part of your specifications for your first in-house chronograph?JPG: Good performance, reliability, rate accuracy - and COSC-certification, obviously. The movement will be thinner compared to Valjoux 7750, preferably by way of a whole millimeter, and be all to easy to repair. An open structure would then support a fake rolex combination of subsequent complications. And not least of most, the movement would have to be produced in the quantities we required. The caliber required to offer in excess of the Valjoux 7750. It was clear which it would necessarily be more pricey, but was created to are less costly than twice as much.WT: Where does the mass production of the caliber 01 happen?JPG: In the Breitling Chronometrie in La Chaux-de-Fonds. That is where we had been recently assembling ETA ebauches and also the Dubois Depraz modules, governing the movements for COSC and casing the finished movements. We invested heavily with regards to producing your own movements and expanded the spot from 2,000 to,000 square meters.WT: In accordance with the Swiss Competition Commission decision of May 15, the availability of watch movements by ETA is guaranteed until the end of 2013. When will your own movement production be large enough so that you may get by without ETA movements entirely oyster rolex ?JPG: Whether it were to become absolutely necessary, we will be well prepared by 50 % or 3 years. We will have to expand again in La Chaux-de-Fonds so as to enlarge your production areas.Breitling makes the bridges and plates with the Cal. 01 internal.WT: You submit every watch for chronometer testing and certification, mechanical and quartz replica watches alike. Would you request that COSC a single thing differently?JPG: No. What's unique about COSC is its independence and objectivity. There isn't a other institution that tests numerous individual movements and is regularly certified from the Swiss accreditation office (SAS). Their exams are all based upon an ISO standard. This test by an impartial institution is critical to all of us. Naturally, the majority are critical that the COSC only tests movements instead of complete replica watches - which means that the movements are cased following your testing process. So it will be the responsibility of the watch company to make certain the movement retains its accuracy and just sit under a lamp within a showcase for months at a time. After the sale it is the owner's responsibility in order to avoid dropping the watch, to bring it looking regular servicing, and so forth. Conversely, it's always possible for a well-trained watchmaker to modify a COSC-certified movement and return its rate to your chronometer range. That is certainly also portion of the higher long-term price of creating a COSC-tested movement.WT: What role do quartz replica watches play, now and in the longer term?JPG: Quartz replica watches aren't unimportant because we are able to introduce new functions. Just think about the Breitling Emergency while using emergency call function. Quartz replica watches also do not tackle mechanical replica watches. You will find customers preferring higher than normal precision. As well as in principle, you only need to set a quartz watch every, when changing from Daylight Time savings to plain Some time and back again. Our chronometer-certified SuperQuartz replica watches show a deviation of just Five to seven seconds a duration of six months.WT: What selling prices are strategically important?JPG: After we introduced the newest Chronomat in 2009 using an in-house movement and modified cases and dials, we increased the value from about 6,000 Swiss francs to about SF8,000. That's a different price range. And it's where we wish to remain with our replica watches which contain each of our movements. The Transocean is almost higher priced, running at approximately SF10,000, nevertheless it offers many more functions and it is, while i previously mentioned, an exclusive watch. The truly amazing challenge for us has become making sure that this re-positioning is known. It's approximately us speak this effectively. And as a private brand, we've got to work harder at creating market knowing of the product or service watches .For the interview, look into "Flying High" in today's issue of WatchTime, to get now. You can even download the matter with the Nook and Kindle.Breitling Chronometrie in La Chaux-de-Fonds, SwitzerlandReceive all of the news, features and reviews from WatchTime for free! Sign up for all our free weekly newsletter and get it all delivered to your inbox.sharetweetshare